Uniteam Marine Yangon’s summer School Programme 2023

Uniteam Marine Yangon’s summer School Programme 2023

To provide comprehensive support not only to Uniteam Marine seafarers but also to their families, Uniteam Marine Yangon organised the highly anticipated Summer School Programme 2023.

The initiative aimed to motivate seafarers, while also emphasising the importance of education for their children. The news of this remarkable endeavour was officially announced on the Uniteam Marine – Careers Facebook page to invite interested parties to register for the summer classes.

Children aged between 5 and 16 eagerly applied for various courses, including swimming, badminton, football, dance, art and German classes, offered by Uniteam Marine. The Welcome Summer School Programme 2023 event on 10 March marked the beginning of this exciting initiative. The event provided an introduction for registered children, who met their instructors and received detailed explanations about the courses, the duration and the programme’s benefits. Esteemed individuals, including Capt. Than Oo, Capt. Thet Naing, Capt. Tin Maung Tun and Mr Phyo Win Nyunt from the Uniteam Marine management team, graced the event. Capt. Thet Naing and Capt. Tin Maung Tun addressed the children and their parents, emphasising the significance of education and the value of their participation.

A total of 170 children eagerly participated in the Summer School Programme 2023, engaging in activities for approximately two to three months. The programme’s duration allowed ample time for the children to immerse themselves in their chosen courses, fostering personal growth and skill development.

As the programme drew to a close on 20 May, we organised the grand Summer School Programme Closing Ceremony 2023 event. Distinguished guests from our management such as Mr Andreas Papanisiforou, Capt. Jerzy Wilk, Capt. Thet Naing, Capt. Tin Maung Tun and Mr Phyo Win Nyunt were in attendance to honour the children’s achievements. Inspirational speeches by Mr Andreas Papanisiforou, Capt. Jerzy Wilk, Capt. Thet Naing, and Capt. Tin Maung Tun commended the children’s dedication and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. The management team added excitement to the ceremony with an engaging on-stage raffle.

The highlight of the event was a mesmerising performance by the children from the dance class, showcasing their newfound talents on stage. Moreover, the children from the painting class proudly exhibited their artwork on the event walls, infusing the occasion with vibrant colours. Additionally, the children’s summer class activities were displayed on stage using a projector, captivating the audience with their enthusiasm. This affirmed the resounding success of the Summer School Programme 2023.

Uniteam Marine Yangon takes immense pride and satisfaction in the conclusion of the Summer School Programme 2023. By nurturing the education and well-being of seafarers’ children, Uniteam Marine demonstrates its commitment to its employees and their families. This remarkable initiative exemplifies the organisation’s dedication to holistic workforce development, empowering seafarers and their loved ones alike.

Grace Winn Thiri Mon, Senior Corporate Communications & Marketing Coordinator