Crew Management

Developing crews to meet the challenges of 21st century seafaring

Expert Crew Management

We recognise that the success of a commercial maritime venture depends upon the quality and commitment of a vessel’s crew. Over the years we have developed expert crew management services built around stringent selection, evaluation and training processes.

The Perfect Fit

We focus on developing competent, qualified and experienced seafarers who are fully aligned to a customer’s technical and operational requirements, as well as their culture. In addition, we only recruit those who display the right attitudes, behaviours and values to ensure a happy and well-managed vessel.

Access to Seafaring Talent

Our approach means that every client has access to a pipeline of carefully selected seafaring talent to help maintain continuity of standards on board. Our crew pool exceeds 6,000 seamen of varying nationalities with the majority coming from Myanmar where our presence gives clients a major strategic and competitive advantage.

People company, people focus

Uniteam Marine Crew Management

Uniteam Marine is a people company, and the provision of experienced and capable crew members goes to the very heart of our business.

We are aware that increasing commercial pressures, coupled with the size and complexity of modern vessels, are creating uniquely challenging environments for ship managers and crews. We are also aware that human error is the primary cause of most marine incidents.

To help minimise these risks for our clients, we maintain a rigorous focus on quality, developing crew members who are technically and culturally suited to the demands of 21st Century seafaring. Crews that can ensure a client’s assets at sea are safeguarded and well run at all times.

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To find out more about our crew management services, please contact us directly by phone or email. A member of our team will be available to provide details of our offering and discuss any specialist service requirements you might have, enabling us to devise bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

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