Uniteam Marine is an international ship management organisation that provides industry-leading services to ship owners and ship managers across a wide range of countries and jurisdictions.

Founded in 1986, Uniteam Marine is headquartered in Cyprus with offices in key locations around the world. We work with our clients to build long-term relationships that achieve lasting competitive advantages. Through these strategic partnerships, we provide vital support and reassurance – enabling clients to focus on their core business.

Successful companies are unique and their business models vary. At Uniteam Marine, we value long-term cooperation and we work hard to understand our clients’ needs and tailor our services to meet their specific requirements and expectations. We are committed to continuously improving our offering and helping clients adapt to change and achieve their commercial goals.

Our ability to build and sustain working relationships is supported by an innovative approach, the efficient use of modern technology, and a passionate team of people dedicated to delivering client satisfaction and excellence in ship management.

Adding Value Through Partnership

At Uniteam Marine, we offer an extensive range of services to ship owners and ship managers, wherever in the world they are located. Covering full management, technical management and crew management, we offer our clients the core support they need to operate and safeguard their vessels and achieve commercial success.

In each of these areas, our services are enhanced by our ability to build and sustain long-term client relationships. Working to create mutually-beneficial alliances, we offer a unique partnership proposition whereby we become an integral part of our customers’ supply chains.

Enabling better supply chain management, this approach also means clients can benefit from our continuous investment in specialist crewing infrastructure and technical expertise.

Fully aligned with customers’ organisational values and commercial objectives, we are flexible and agile in our work, and can meet changing customer needs across all our service areas. The result is an expert, partnership-focused service provision that enables clients to maximise quality, cost-efficiency, profitability and control.

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