Corporate Philosophy

Teamwork, communication and commitment

Ever since its formation over 30 years ago, Uniteam Marine has been guided by a clearly defined corporate philosophy. This philosophy encompasses a company mission and vision, a set of values  and a code of conduct, and helps to ensure that our business is commercially viable and ethically sound.

Underpinned by our company motto, Success Through Teamwork, our corporate philosophy enables us to provide the highest level of service quality to our clients around the world. It shapes our business culture, which is a key driver of success. It is a winning culture designed to leverage the synergies, trust and understanding upon which our strategic client partnerships are built. A culture focused on long-term commitment, cooperation and communication; one that enables us to share knowledge, information and resources, resulting in reduced risks and costs and increased profitability for all involved.

Our Mission:
To provide quality, socially-responsible and dedicated ship management services.

Our Vision:
To be a leader in the provision of ship management services.

Reinforcing our focus on quality,
integrity and professionalism

We achieve our mission and vision by living our corporate values and adhering to a rigorous set of behaviours and principles set out in our code of conduct.

Over the years, our mission and vision have helped to shape our client-focused approach to business. In our day-to-day operations, they underscore our efforts to maximise value through teamwork and strategic partnerships. They also ensure that quality, integrity and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values


We collaborate with each other and our clients to build powerful, long-lasting partnerships.


We are passionate about our industry and our work, and committed to delivering expert service solutions to ship owners and managers the world-over.


We combine exceptional technical skills with maritime expertise, commercial know-how, and dedicated customer service.


We ensure that fairness and respect underpin all our business operations, employee policies and client interactions.


As global leaders in ship management, we aim to raise standards and promote best practice across the industry as a whole.

These values form the way we work and encourage our people to collaborate, innovate and share best practice. They help to ensure we have a consistent approach in all the countries where we operate, and create a framework for our efforts to deliver exceptionally high levels of service to our clients.

Code of Conduct

Uniteam Marine Code of Conduct

Our commitments

As a leading international ship management company, we must earn the trust of our clients, colleagues and local communities in the countries where we operate.

To achieve this, we have developed our code of conduct. This policy document outlines the core requirements that each and every person working for and with Uniteam Marine must comply with, regardless of their role or location.

Our code of conduct sets out a number of principles and requirements, covering issues such as competition, company ethics, equal opportunities and supply chain management. While describing a standard set of behaviours and expectations, it also takes into account local cultures, nuances and values.