StormGeo Helps Us Make Fleets Greener

StormGeo Helps Us Make Fleets Greener

Recognising the need for accurate data as part of the green shipping solution, Uniteam Marine uses StormGeo’s Navigator Insight and ECO Insight as part of its fleet performance monitoring.

“Green shipping, decarbonisation and Sulphur Cap 2020 are key words in shipping that have become even more important in recent years,” explains Technical Director Lars Helge Evers.

Politicians and shipping companies have targets and plans regarding emissions. IMO, for example, aims to reduce emissions from shipping by at least 40% by 2030, compared with those of 2008.

However, in order for these organisations to make such plans, as well as to analyse and evaluate their effective- ness, they need accurate data. This is why performance monitoring is no longer just a “nice to have”. In fact, it is now mandatory for ships with a gross tonnage of over 5,000.

Using StormGeo’s Navigator Insight, our crews can perform easy yet accurate, plausible reporting of performance data such as consumption, power and speed. Clever checks avoid mistakes, ensure data quality and prevent double work at the office side.

This tool also saves time by using “push messages” to avoid double reporting by the ship’s crew to different parties.
ECO Insight and its successor s-Insight analyse and dis- play the performance data of the fleet. One advantage is their ability to combine weather, technical and commercial performance as well as routing advice in one tool.

With Navigator Insight and ECO Insight, users are able to gather exact data on consumption and emissions as well as receive day-to-day performance advice backed by an immediately actionable daily alert service. ECO Insight also provides meaningful analysis of data and trends in which corporate KPIs are highlighted for priority. The two packages ensure compliance to SEEMP and easy verification against IMO DCS and EU MRV emission reporting standards. Achieving higher WPCI Environmental Ship Index scores is another benefit of using ECO Insight.

“Our target, together with StormGeo, is to make our fleets even greener,” says Evers.

Michael Reich, StormGeo’s Fleet Performance Manager, explains, “The benefit of using StormGeo is that we offer many tools and services from one platform, the s-Suite: weather, performance management, MRV/DCS data collection, route planning and advice, maritime publications and charts, and more. All this eliminates the need for crews to report to many different parties.”

Michael is also optimistic about the future of this partner- ship with Uniteam Marine. “At the moment, some shipping companies are gaining experience in using sensors to collect performance data. In the future they will provide more comprehensive data and speed up the collection process. StormGeo is leading this trend towards digitalisation and the electronic logbook, as well as partnering with Uniteam Marine’s engine condition monitoring partner Tekomar,” he says.

Michael Reich, StormGeo