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    In case my application is unsuccessful, I hereby give my consent to keep my application in your database for a period, longer than four months up to two years, and to contact me for other job opportunities that may arise which you think might be suitable for me.

    I agree with the above statement and with the electronic storage of my personal data according to the data protection statement.

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    Data Protection Statement for Online Applications at Uniteam Marine

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our career page. Prior to transferring any information of personal nature, please read our Data Protection Statement carefully. By using our online application facility, you accept the terms and conditions stipulated in our Statement. The data gathered will be used for processing your online application in accordance to the below guidelines.

    Gathering data

    Any data transferred via this online application service is saved and used only for purposes relevant to capturing and processing your application for current or future employment with any company of Uniteam Marine. This includes any information required by the application including contact details.

    When you apply online, we gather and process the following information:

    • Title
    • Full name
    • Telephone/Mobile phone numbers and email addresses
    • Selected field of interest
    • Educational background and related experience
    • CV
    • Covering letter
    • Application supporting documents

    Technical information is collected automatically from your browser every time you visit our site. The information collected relates to details such as the type of browser is used, IP address of the user and date and time of each visit. This information is strictly used for statistical purposes relating to the online application process. Statistics are compiled solely for internal purposes and are not disclosed to any third party. The visitor remains anonymous at all times while technical information cannot be merged with details of the online application.

    Purpose of gathering and transferring data

    Data gathered is solely used for the purpose of processing an application. Uniteam Marine exercises extreme caution in the processing of personal information.

    Uniteam Marine takes appropriate measures to request only the personal data that is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the intended purposes.

    Information provided when applying for a job position must be true and accurate. False declarations will lead to an immediate termination of the employment relationship irrespective of the status.

    Transmission of data to third parties

    Any data provided in the course of application will be stored by Uniteam Marine and will not be forwarded to third parties nor transferred in any other way.

    Deleting data

    In the event that a decision not to continue with the application further is taken, all relevant data will be deleted no earlier than four months after the completion of the application process. In the case that this application results in an offer for employment, the data provided during the application phase may be stored and used as part of our standard administrative processes and in compliance with legal obligations. Personal data will not be retained longer than necessary for the intended purposes, unless a longer retention period is required under applicable law or regulatory requirement or relevant Uniteam Marine retention policies.

    An applicant shall have the right, upon reasonable written request and in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law and regulations to be provided with the appropriate information on their retained personal data to confirm that is accurate and up-to-date as well as the right to request correction of their personal data.

    An applicant is also entitled to request the deletion of data from our records at any time during the application process. In the case, the request must be submitted in writing but due to legal constraints the application may be kept on record for a limited period.

    Encryption and data security

    Given the sensitivity of the data, it is also transferred in encrypted form using the SSL protocol. Cookies are used as part of the online application.

    *Note on cookies: These are small text files sent from the web server to your web browser where they are stored and retrieved at a later time. You can control the use of cookies by managing the relevant settings on your browser.


    Please indicate your agreement with the terms and conditions of this Data Protection Statement using the provided check box. By doing so, you authorise Uniteam Marine to process your application using the data provided. Data can only be transferred following confirmation of consent.

    *Sensitive data: It is acknowledged that applications may contain sensitive data relating to an applicant. It is hereby submitted that applications – curriculum vitae, testimonials and other data transferred – may contain data of sensitive nature such as an applicant’s mental and physical health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical persuasions, membership in a trade union or political parties or sexual orientation. It is our suggestion that such details are not included in the application, however, if such information is submitted, it is considered that the applicant expresses consent permitting Uniteam Marine to gather, process and use this information as part of the application process. Sensitive data is processed in compliance with this Privacy Statement and relevant regulations and legal constraints.

    Amendments to this Privacy Policy

    Uniteam Marine maintains the right to revise this Data Protection Statement at any time in order to comply with either technical or legal requirements as these may arise.