Staying Fit Onboard II

Staying Fit Onboard II

The main causes of obesity are excessive intake of energy (calories) and lack of exercise. We have some suggestions for exercises which could easily be done onboard during your free time!


  • It makes you physically and mentally stronger
  • You are more balanced, with less stress or physical hindrance
  • Digestion improves
  • Body weight is kept under control
  • Blood sugar stabilises, preventing diabetes
  • Sleep improves
  • Concentration improves as well as self confidence
  • Bones and muscles get stronger, reducing the risk of injuries and disease
  • Blood pressure stabilises and the amount of “good” cholesterol increases, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

In our June edition, we showed you four exercises which could easily be done onboard. Here are some more exercises to help you stay fit!


Staying Fit Onboard – Excercies II