Presentation Of The Uniteam Marine Cadet Programme In National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”

Presentation Of The Uniteam Marine Cadet Programme In National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”

There is a large volume of young, well-educated and highly motivated cadets in Ukraine, who are dreaming about a career at sea on modern merchant vessels.

We can give them the opportunity to gain experience as cadets on Uniteam Marine managed vessels as a part of their educational practice required to qualify for an officer’s licence.

One of the major Maritime universities in Ukraine is the National University Odessa Maritime Academy. We were honoured to be invited to present the opportunities that we can provide to the students and lecturers.

On 14th March 2019, Mr. Maksym Kostin and myself presented to an audience over of 300 deck and engine cadets an overview of opportunities that Uniteam Marine can provide to them, the selection process and a summary of requirements for training and certification. Special attention was given to the importance of safety on board the vessels.

The attendees were also provided with statistics which highlighted the percentage of cadets who received recommendations for promotion, or were promoted on board Uniteam Marine managed vessels within the last year. In summary, 27 cadets (both deck and engine) were employed by Uniteam Ukraine from the beginning of January 2019, and there are 10 more planned to join shortly.

Designed by Seagull and organized for cadets at the UMU Learning Hub, computer-based training provides them with the necessary basic knowledge about their future occupation on board the vessel and is a great support for them in their first contract.

We hope that in future cadets will re-join our fleet as officers and lead the vessels to a prosperous future, always supporting the Uniteam Marine credo: Success Through Teamwork!

Richard Knighton, Fleet Personnel Deputy Director