New Kid on the Block: Uniteam Healthcare Services

New Kid on the Block: Uniteam Healthcare Services

We are pleased to announce that with Uniteam Healthcare Services a new brand has been added to the Uniteam Group of Companies portfolio.

To meet the growing demand for qualified healthcare professionals in Germany, Uniteam Healthcare Services has joined forces with strong partners to deliver a one-stop-shop solution for potential employers who are in need of reliable and well-trained workers, as well as for international healthcare professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare sector in Germany with a reputable employer.

Applicants who have already completed their education in nursing or elderly care in their home country will be trained in the German language and be familiarised with the German culture and the German understanding of healthcare before sending them to Germany.

The aim is to offer to qualified candidates bright and long-term career prospects in the German healthcare industry, and to successfully integrate them into the German – or often international – teams of healthcare professionals at nursing homes, hospitals, in ambulant care or at rehabilitation centres. After some years of working in Germany they can return to their home countries as internationally trained workers to strengthen the national healthcare system there.

Uniteam Healthcare Services will be responsible for the entire recruitment process, including the collation and verification of required certificates and personal documents, visa applications, travel arrangements and cultural awareness training.

After an assessment by the German health authorities of possible qualification deficits between the national curriculum in the applicant’s home country and the German qualification requirements, in cooperation with a certified healthcare training academy in Germany all applicants will receive on-the-job training and be prepared to successfully pass their final examination as a qualified and licensed healthcare professional in Germany.

We are excited and look forward to applying our knowledgeand experience in mobilising international workers for overseas employment in yet another industry. After the successful launching of our Uniteam Cruise Services brand for the recruitment of service and catering personnel for the cruise industry some years ago, we are positive that we can contribute towards providing a solution to an increasing shortage of qualified workers in healthcare professions in Germany.

If you have friends or relatives who are interested in starting a career in this field of business, we would be pleased to receive their application. We are initially concentrating on recruitment from Vietnam and Ukraine, but in the future we would like to expand into other countries which are also whitelisted by the German health authorities.

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Capt. Thomas Reppenhagen, Sales and Client Relations Director