Limassol Marathon 2022 – the Biggest Sport Event In Cyprus

Limassol Marathon 2022 – the Biggest Sport Event In Cyprus

After two years of cancellations in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the traditional Limas- sol Marathon event took place again this year on the 19th and 20th of March.

Athletes from various countries could choose to participate in different races ranging from the 5 km corporate run, encouraging companies to register a team of employees to run together, a 10 km race, the half marathon to the full marathon.

It might not surprise you that Uniteam Marine did not find a single volunteer amongst the company’s employees to run the distance of 42.195 km, but at least we asked… In the past (last time in 2019) we managed to gather at least ten runners to register for the 5 km corporate run.

But even meeting the target of 10 Uniteam Marine participants for the 5 km corporate run was a challenge this year, so we had to drop the ambitious goal to beat our team record of ranking #34 amongst the overall participating companies score list.

Nevertheless, I could not resist accepting the invitation of the Limassol Marina to reinforce their team of runners to
do the 5 km distance together with them. I changed the Uniteam Marine T-shirt for a Limassol Marina one and man- aged to finish in 24:20 minutes, failing to beat my former best time of 22:53 minutes by 1 minute and 27 seconds (let us blame Covid and the lack of training for it).

Three days after the race I could still feel my calves aching, but it was worth the effort. I enjoyed participating in this sport event with over 11,000 runners and it was good to see such a race happening again after Covid restrictions made large events impossible for a long time.

Hopefully Uniteam Marine runners will be encouraged to start training and to form a Uniteam Marine company team next year, moving us up on the score list.


Capt. Thomas Reppenhagen, Sales and Client Relations Director