Good Feedback is the Key to Improvement

Good Feedback is the Key to Improvement

There are things we know, there are things we know we do not know and there are things we do not know that we do not know. What is the best way to find out? To ask!

Evolution itself is fundamentally based on the process of feedback; the survival of the fittest or those who adapt to feedback from the environment. To be able to successfully evolve or improve in business, it is important to get some perspective of what is going well and what can be improved.

Today, technology is providing us with even more opportunities for feedback and so we have continued to harness on online platform, to manage the invitations and results compilations of the Seafarer Crew Management Survey. After each tour of duty an automatic weblink is forwarded to your account which launches the anonymous survey.

This short article is about how we are currently perform- ing as Crew Managers from the perspective of you, the seafarer!

Since introducing this system, we have had over 1000 responses to this short survey about our performance. 98% of those respondents were happy with the communications regarding their contract and the Company expectations. 98% found their colleagues onboard cooperative in line with our Company philosophy of Success through Teamwork and over 90% were content with the support received from the Company whilst onboard.

Overall 97% responded that they had a positive experience onboard and 97% were satisfied with the accommodation provided during embarkation and disembarkation.

Feedback loops are simple to understand: we produce something, in this case our Crew Management service, we measure information on the production with such tools as a survey and then use that information to improve production. A constant cycle of monitoring and improvement.

Following feedback received in 2018, we moved to our digital claims procedure whereby a claim can be made at time of purchase and provided in the next payroll run. Currently 98% of respondents are satisfied that expense claims are now paid correctly and timely.

You have provided us with fundamental information which impacts not only you but also your family members at home; a small percentage informed us that they did not receive contact numbers to pass onto their family in case of an emergency. We know that family is an important support network to all our seafarers and we want to therefore ensure they are provided with the relevant information. To rectify this problem, if your family is not aware please contact your crew manager for this information to pass on.

In addition we are arranging a solution by providing such information again within a digital format.

We received some constructive feedback on handover periods and recreational facilities onboard which hope to bring you positive news about in the future. We also had individual comments about how we might benefit from reviewing VISA preparation time, when the situation allows. We intend to ensure the feedback received is put to good use, helping Uniteam Marine deliver better employment experiences to you.

We totally appreciate that your leave is exactly that; yours! However, we hope that by using the right technology and making it a simple process that you will help us to improve our service to you in the future, by completing the short questionnaire at a convenient time when you arrive home.

This survey has already generated a deluge of fantastic data and potential insights that with increasingly more effective questioning and subsequent careful analysis we are now leveraging to adapt, correct, and improve ourselves as Crew Managers. Feedback is an essential component of effective change for Uniteam Marine. Let us make feedback normal.

Richard Knighton, Fleet Personnel Director