Fit For Fun – The Plank Challenge

Fit For Fun – The Plank Challenge

You don’t have time for fitness?
You have no gym to exercise?
You have no equipment you can use?
No excuses will be accepted anymore!

For this exercise you only need your body and a small space on the floor.

The 28-day plank challenge can be done everywhere and by anyone. It is a simple concept which strengthens the entire body.

You might think a plank challenge is easy going – in fact it is not: you will feel your legs, abs, shoulders, buttocks and all the other muscles which will be activated by the exercise.

The challenge starts at day 1 with 20 seconds in which you hold your body in a plank position. Then gradually the time will increase up to 240 seconds on the last day.

Important: your body position. Maintain a straight line from the heels to your head – and try to breath using your stomach muscles.

Have fun and success with the plank challenge!


Anja Frauboese, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing, Leading global operations and advisory services, Uniteam Global Business Services