Experiences of Deck Cadet Alexandra Georgiou

Experiences of Deck Cadet Alexandra Georgiou

At the age of 18, immediately after I graduated from high school, I was so confused and worried of which direction I should take regard- ing my studies and ultimately my future.

At that time, I was torn between two completely different directions of studies – veterinary science and nautical science. After a lot of thinking and advice from friends and especially my mother, I decided to study nautical science. Today, I honestly believe that this is the best decision I have ever made and do not regret it at all. I am already on the third year of my studies and I feel so grateful, happy and fulfilled as I am really enjoying my studies as well as my experience onboard, which I will never forget as it was great.

I had the opportunity to join the container vessel MV OPS Hamburg for six months as a cadet; this was my first experience onboard of any vessel. Prior to joining the vessel, I was prepared for the worst-case scenario as I did not know what to expect. It was a big adventure and challenge for me, leaving my family, my comfort zone and travelling onboard a vessel knowing nobody. Luckily, everything was perfect.

I had a great team to rely on, I was one of them, a team player, and day after day I became more familiarised with the operations of the vessel. There were many days and nights being tired from the necessary work onboard, but I never gave up. I was always one of the first to volunteer to assist.

From all the crew, regardless of their ranks, I learned so many things that under any other circumstances I would not have been given the chance to. These people, the crew onboard, became my second family. A group of people from different cultures and different mindsets, becoming one team. I will never forget my first experience onboard, neither the crew I met.

After such an experience and now knowing the whole picture of this profession, l cannot imagine myself doing anything other than this. I am enthusiastic and proud to do this job. I know that things may get difficult sometimes, however I am willing to get the job done and will do my best to succeed. My goal is to one day become a Master.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Uniteam Marine and the whole crew from MV OPS Hamburg for this opportunity and your support. I look forward to working with you all again!

Alexandra Georgiou, Cadet