Experience of a Crewing Operator – Andreas Costi

Experience of a Crewing Operator – Andreas Costi

Shipping studies was never my first choice, but eventually it turned out to be one of the best choices I could ever make. Without ever imagining myself in this position, I have fallen in love with the process and now I am even more motivated than ever, building my knowledge and maintaining my motivation to learn more each day.

Long story short, I always dreamt of going to a military school after my high school graduation. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan due to some difficult situations and I was given an alternative study option – Finance & Shipping. At first, I took the opportunity to study Finance & Shipping with a burning desire to return to fulfil my dream of going to military school. The time was passing by and with each semester shipping was becoming more and more interesting. The flames of that burning desire to return and apply for military school were put out by people involved in the shipping industry who have shared their experiences and knowledge with me.

A year ago, the third year of my studies had come to an end and all qualified students who met certain requirements had the opportunity to take a summer internship. I was given the chance to take my one-month sum- mer internship course at Uniteam Marine. Regardless of my lack of experience in maritime-related jobs, all the staff were more than pleased to share their passion and knowledge with me. These people welcomed me as if they already knew me. Despite our differences in race, culture and religion, from day one they introduced me as part of their TEAM.

This experience was only supposed to last for a month but thankfully it was extended to the whole summer, and here I am still at Uniteam Marine one year later! Today, I can proudly consider myself an official member of the Uniteam Marine family. I would love to take this opportunity to thank every single member in Uniteam Marine who had expectations and believed in me. Also, my utmost respect and appreciation to the staff in the Fleet Personnel Function, who handled my first steps in this industry professionally and with care. Through this experience I have learned that everything unexpected can occur at any given moment and you will never be 100% ready to face all the tough situations, but with responsibility and an open mind, great things can be achieved. Even though many events in shipping may never go as planned, you can always improvise and adapt!

Andreas Costi, Crewing Operator