Dry Docking of MV Kalamoti Trader

Dry Docking of MV Kalamoti Trader

Kalamoti Trader is the youngest vessel of Uniteam Marine’s technically managed fleet.

She arrived at the Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard to un- dergo her first-class renewal docking at the beginning of January 2023 as the maritime sector was beginning to regain speed worldwide.

Meanwhile the Far East was preparing for the Lunar New Year, the most widely celebrated holiday in the Chinese calendar. It is also a popular time for holidays, causing business activities to slow down across the region, with shipyards no exception. Lunar New Year commenced on January 21 and the target for Kalamoti Trader was to be ready for sailing before this date. In close cooperation with the owners of the vessel, Lomar Shipping Limited, the shipyard activities were evaluated in minute detail in advance to complete the scope of planned maintenance and surveys in time.

It all worked out well. Even though Kalamoti Trader was subjected to five days of quarantine and isolation upon arrival at the shipyard, this did not prevent attending technical managers from inspecting her remotely from launch boats, to identify and outline additional items for the repair list. Throughout her stay at the shipyard, the crew and the ship’s command approached the assigned duties in a diligent and consistent manner, supporting with repairs and maintenance enthusiastically, and contributing to the common goal. The proof of this collabora- tion was the vessel departing from the Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard in line with the schedule, fully up- graded technically and cosmetically.

Andrej Janzer, Vessel Superintendent