Done In 60 Seconds!

Done In 60 Seconds!

On 1st of July this year, Uniteam Training took a major step in its overall strategy to make learning leaner, simpler, and easier to access through the launch of its “Done in Sixty Seconds” programme for seafarers.

Done in Sixty Seconds, or DISS for short, pays homage to that amazing movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds”, starring Nicolas Cage as a car thief who is able to steal any car in under sixty seconds… DISS is a very simple programme, based on “Micro Learning” principles in which training on a single subject can be done in a very short period of time through a mobile phone (Android or Apple).

Micro learning-based training is a highly effective way to engage learners and enable organisations to enhance employee performance.

Learners love it as they want training that is short and focused, helps them achieve specific goals, and can be accessed “on the go”: at home, in an airport, in the bathtub (…), and even onboard!

DISS is part of the future of training, and we are confident all our seafarers will love it:

  • Seafarers can learn anytime, anywhere at their convenience and on their own mobile device.
  • The built-in search function enables the users to easily get to the specific point of learning.
  • Most DISS modules can be learnt in just two or three minutes.
  • DISS modules are created for HSE, Deck, Engine, as well as for Galley personnel; the library is already close to 100 titles and growing every week!
  • Learning takes place through simple & short phrases with as many illustrations & videos as possible.
  • Seafarers will spend much less time in the classroom!
  • File sizes are very small: the user will have all the training materials on their mobile phone, available all the time… even when there is no Internet connection available!
  • You want to learn something five minutes before you have to actually do it onboard? Do it!
  • At the end of mostDISS modules, there are a few simple multiple-choice questions.

The DISS programme was first introduced to seafarers both onboard and ashore in July 2019, and over 2,000 UM seafarers of all nationalities are now using this programme effectively. Uniteam Training will be developing more and more modules in this programme. Do you have a topic you want to see “DISSed”? Please let us know, as we want to make the contents of this App relevant to YOU the user!

Khin Yadanar Phyu Nyein Aye: Management Systems & Accreditations Manager, Uniteam Training