Seamanship is the mastery of all the skills required for the crew to perform their jobs safely and efficiently and the smooth operation of the vessel. To this extent, the possibilities of providing shore based training for these subjects is endless to continually refresh the knowledge of our crew. Some of the activities covered at our training facilities are:

Rigging of ships - standing and running; use of cordage - natural and synthetic fibre, wire rope; knots, bends and hitches in common use; splicing wire and fibre ropes; use, care and rigging of purchases and determination of the power gained; slinging a stage, rigging a Bosun's chair and Pilot ladder.

Maintenance and handling of ship and equipment.

Properties and uses of paints and other protective coverings; methods of corrosion control in steelwork and between dissimilar metals; treatment of woodwork and composition decks.

Anchor work - construction of anchors and cables, marking cables, stowage of anchors and cables, anchoring to single bower anchor.