ECDIS Simulator
ECDIS Simulator

With the growing momentum to make the shipboard carriage of the Electronic Chart Display and Information System mandatory on all ships, Uniteam Marine has planned for the future.

Noting the widely anticipated implementation of ECDIS for all new ships should be July 2010, with existing ships to follow suit between July 2011 and July 2013 our simulator is a complete system for training and understanding the operation of ECDIS. It can be used to demonstrate STCW competencies and to meet the objectives of the IMO relevant course.

The training objectives are for the Trainee to be able to:

  • Operate and use all navigational functions of the ECDIS equipment
  • Select and assess all relevant information and take action in case of a malfunction
  • Acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of the basic principles governing the safe operation of ECDIS, including data and its presentation, system related limitations and potential dangers
  • Perform updating of charts
  • Analyse nautical alarms during route planning and route monitoring
  • Assess the impact of the performance limits of sensors on the safe use of ECDIS and analyse sensor alarms
  • Identify potential errors in displayed data and typical errors of interpretation
  • Assess errors, inaccuracies and ambiguities caused by improper data management
  • Explain why ECDIS should not be relied upon as the sole reliable aid to navigation.