Bridge SimulatorsBridge Simulators

State of the art facilities include two full mission bridge simulators (360 degrees and 270 degrees) and four Part Task Simulators (120 degrees) with the latest visual software and modules, like e.g. Ice Navigation.

All simulators are in accordance with the new requirements of the STCW, and were installed by Applied Research International (ARI).

Trained Instructors control the various simulations and monitor the activities in a realistic bridge environment, to ensure that our Officers undergo practical training and enhance their skills in bridge operations and procedures. With applications for ship manoeuvring and shipping traffic simulation in harbours, approach channels or in congested sea-straits and with the use of different accessories and components, they gain valuable interactive experience.

With sound use of modern navigational aids and available resources and by applying proper communication skills, our Trainees learn to appreciate the need and importance of correct bridge procedures as well as to respond safely and effectively.