English CoursesEnglish Courses

Uniteam Marine already realised from the very beginning that the minimum English standards set by the STCW and IMO do not meet the high expectations of our Clients.

Tailor-made English courses were developed, which, over years of continued improvement, turned into a well established Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved English Training Centre.

Marlin's Computer Tests and Tests of Spoken English (T.O.S.E.) are compulsory for all our seamen before joining. The Uniteam Marine Training Centre (UMTC) conducts over 2000 tests each year for various ranks.

Depending on their individual abilities, the seamen are then assigned to different courses ranging from two to six weeks. Class sizes are limited to 12 students to allow maximum interaction with the Instructors.

Uniteam Marine Training Centre personnel regularly attend the International Maritime English Conferences to be in touch with the latest developments in Maritime Education Training (MET) and our English Courses and Syllabuses are always updated accordingly.

The latest addition in our tuition programmes is a two week special training course, where a teacher trains maximum two students intensively to improve communication and pronunciation skills. This teacher / student ratio is unique within the Maritime Industry.