To overcome the problem of the ever increasing shortage of experienced and qualified crew, Uniteam Marine has invested in a combined on board and shore training programme. Originally starting with 30 Cadets in 1978, we have gradually increased the number of Trainees to more than 250 in various departments.

All Uniteam Marine Trainees receive personal safety training, ISM safety management system and ISPS familiarisation prior to joining. Depending upon their specialisation, Trainees also attend additional seamanship and technical classes at Uniteam Marine's training centre.

Myanmar seafarers are required to undergo and pass English tests at the company's advanced Maritime English Language Training Centre, which incorporates a Marlins ISF/ British MCA approved English Language Test Centre.

Our Trainees serve the necessary sea apprenticeship during which time the deck and engine trainees are required to complete the Cadet training records in compliance with the IMO regulations. Whilst we ensure that our Cadets are educated to the levels required by the IMO, more importantly, our training programme allows our young Trainees to gain knowledge and experience from our skilled Officers and crew.

Having placed specific emphasis on training over the years, we are well prepared for the future, with a reserve of highly qualified and experienced crew able to take up the vacancies created by those leaving and retiring from the industry.